• Employers increasingly need workers who can think critically, learn new skills rapidly, work independently or as part of a team and solve problems creatively.
    Networks prepares students to become productive members of a work force. This is accomplished by combining career technical education and employability skill training through the operation of 11 community-based enterprise areas. A hands-on instructional approach is supported by equipment and technology as textbooks and each enterprise area as a classroom. Special emphasis is placed on knowledge and skills essential for success in business interactions. Local employers afford students opportunities for job shadowing and volunteer experiences, mock and live interviews, internships and cooperative education placements.
    Networks provides students with a place to develop their intellect, higher-level thinking skills, problem solving techniques and technical abilities. All training received at Networks enables our students to acquire employability and technical skills necessary to obtain and retain employment upon exiting school.

    Ages 16 to 21 and/or Grades 9 to 12
    School Hours: 7:05 am-1:45 pm
    School Colors: Royal Blue / Kelly Green