• Our Family Literacy program is designed to help families overcome intergenerational cycles of illiteracy and poverty by providing integrated early childhood education and parenting in a unified program. In addition, the program builds on family strengths and addresses the needs of parents/primary caregivers and their young children. Services are provided to participants on a voluntary basis that are of sufficient intensity in terms of hours and of sufficient duration, to make sustainable changes in a family and that integrate the following:

    • Parent literacy training that leads to educational level completions, high school diploma, GED or workplace skills supporting employment.
    • Child development classes that provide age appropriate education to prepare children for success in school and life experiences.
    • Training for parents/caregivers regarding how to be the primary literacy teacher for their children and full partners in the education of their children.
    • Interactive literacy activities between parents and their children.

    A unique feature of the program is its location within the Stubbs Early Education Center which houses the Dual Generation Center. The goal of the Dual Generation Center is to empower families by providing services such as employment, adult education, housing, food, clothing, and childcare vouchers. All families have access to services from state and local agencies housed in the Stubbs Early Education Center.


    Eligibility Requirements

    • A parent or parents who are low income and eligible for participation in an adult basic education program under the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act.
    • A child or children (from birth to age 12, inclusive) of any individual described in the previous paragraph and residing in the Wilmington area. Please be advised that families may continue participating in the program until all members of the family become ineligible for participation.
      • If a child reaches the age of 13 prior to the end of the program year and the parent(s) have not reached their education goal, the family may continue participating until the end of the program year.
      • If a parent reaches his/her educational goal and exits the program, the child or children can continue in the program until the end of the program year.


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