James H. Groves Adult High School

  • James H. Groves Adult High School is a state-approved adult secondary school designed to provide adults and out-of-school youth with an opportunity to complete a high school education and earn a State of Delaware High School Diploma. The school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

    The mission of James H. Groves Adult High School is to provide a high-quality education that engages and empowers adult learners from diverse learning experiences who possess unique learning abilities, interests, and aspirations to acquire a James H. Groves High School Diploma.  Groves prepares adult learners for career and post-secondary opportunities to become productive citizens within the communities in which they live and work and in an ever-changing global society.

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  • Groves In-School Credit Program for Christina School District High School Students

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James H. Groves Adult High School
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