Groves Strategic Plan Priorities and Goals

  • Access to Programming

    Goal 1: Provide access to the Groves program that is responsive to changes in the community and the diversity of students.

    Objective 1: Offer academic programming using the Delaware Department of Education standards aligned curriculum.

    • Complete alignment of all Groves Courses with College and Career Readiness Standards and Next Gen Science Standards to satisfy DDOE requirements.

    Objective 2: 
    Provide opportunities for students to become engaged in community activities.

    Objective 3: Provide instruction that supports learners in their abilities to become effective worker, supportive family members and informed community members. 

    • Develop a transition to work program/process for students
    • Offer transition to work program/process to students
    • Host or co-host post-secondary employment fairs
    • Host employer workshops on site and at the annual student conference

    Objective 4:
     Research national, state, and local data and demographics to ensure that the changing needs of students and the community are being met.

    • Review data to identify “at risk” students most likely to not complete a Groves course

    Goal 2: Offer programming that promotes lifelong learning, self-direction, and digital literacy.

    Objective 1: Provide options and opportunities for learning in a flexible environment.

    • Enhance ABE feeder patterns by reviewing ABE student data to identify the characteristics of “diploma seeker” ABE students

    Objective 2:
     Offer guidance and transitional services that lead to continued learning beyond the James H. Groves Adult High School program.

    • Provide supports to students that facilitate/encourage course completion and fulfillment of the student graduation plan
    • Facilitate career and postsecondary planning
    • Assist students with navigating online resources for career and postsecondary opportunities

    Goal 3: Promote the program statewide and communicate with all stakeholders.

    Objective 1: Maintain local and statewide print and online marketing efforts to promote services for adult learners statewide while exploring new strategies to reach learners who do not have a high school diploma.

    • OAASIS will maintain an active Facebook page

    Objective 2:
     Participate in public stakeholder events supported by practitioner and student organizations.

    • Events will be scheduled throughout the year by OAASIS, DAACE, Groves Centers, School Districts

    Objective 3:
     Provide useful metrics and reports that blend fiscal and program data to support informed budgetary decisions.

    • Quarterly reporting is maintained and a statewide Annual Report is compiled and distributed

    Objective 4:
     Develop a Groves Brand and a uniform marketing plan.

    • Develop marketing plan for Groves Adult High School to build community awareness

    Curriculum and Instruction

    Goal 4: Address student academic goals through explicit instruction that is meaningful and rigorous and meets state approved standards.

    Objective 1: Offer targeted professional development with current and innovative curriculum which leads to providing quality instruction to improve student skills and competencies.

    • Review and revise instructional delivery to increase student course completions

    Objective 2: 
    Deliver and monitor instruction designed to improve student skills and competencies.

    • Follow Groves curriculum and provide feedback to individual students based on formative and summative assessments

    Objective 3:
     Ensure that all instructional materials are aligned with state standards.

    • Curriculum committees of certified teachers align with CCR standards and differentiated delivery strategies

    Goal 5: Deliver curriculum that reflects the needs of adult learners and enhances the individual’s post-secondary and employment opportunities.

    Objective 1: Complete graduation and transition planning to post-secondary training or education and/or employment.

    • Integrate graduation and career planning topics into Student Orientations
    • Develop a career plan template
    • Meet with students to complete career and graduation plans starting with potential graduates

    Objective 2:
     Offer academic coursework embedded with employability skills.

    • Develop and integrate “employability skills” into student processes and classroom instruction

    Objective 3: 
    Create and maintain a sustainable technology plan that provides current instructional resources for staff and offers innovative learning opportunities for students.

    • Develop Technology Plan to increase and update technology available to students
    • Increase technology integration into courses

    Objective 4: 
    Offer career pathways that align to Delaware workforce needs.

    • Integrate graduation and career planning topics into Student Orientations
    • Develop a career plan
    • Meet with students to develop graduation and career plans
    • Develop additional Career Pathways courses

    Student Supports

    Goal 6: Provide a supportive learning environment that enables students to obtain maximum benefits from the James H. Groves Adult High School.

    Objective 1: Promote the development of behaviors and attitudes that enable individuals to be effective workers, supportive family members, and informed community members.

    • Meet with “at risk” students to support retention

    Objective 2: 
    Provide supports to retain students through graduation.

    • Develop supports needed by ABE student “diploma seeker” to enter Groves
    • Develop supports needed by “fast track” students to complete graduate within 24 months
    • Develop supports that will help “at risk” students to successfully complete courses

    Objective 3:
     Utilize technology to enhance communications with students and provide support services.

    • Communicate information to students using various electronic forms (school website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Schoology, email, text)
    • Review and select career development  planning software
    • Schedule students into career planning software and/or provide assistance with college applications and FAFSA

    Goal 7: Provide non-instructional services that promote academic success and motivate students to achieve their greatest potential.

    Objective 1: Implement transition processes toward post-secondary, employability readiness; including additional non-instructional services as needed for at-risk students.

    • Develop a transition program/ process for students exiting Groves
    • Offer transition programming to students
    • Host post-secondary career fairs including skills training programs, community college and university offerings
    • Review and enhance student advisory process to support program improvement

    Objective 2: 
    Develop rapport with students to maintain commitment.

    • Meet with “fast track” students to complete graduation within 24 months

    Objective 3:
      Develop a “toolkit” of resources including non-instructional materials as needed for at risk students.

    • Further develop the student recognition process.
    • Identify strategies to accelerate credit completion

    Objective 4: 
    Extend employment search and work readiness skills through career counseling services.

    • Select and use job market resources for students to explore job opportunities

    Objective 5:
     Maintain partnerships and linkages with other agencies/service providers to support students during and after enrollment.

    • Provide financial Support/Scholarship Workshops
    • Follow up with Groves graduates on what they are doing three months, one year and two years after graduation

    Program Quality

    Goal 8: Manage program resources efficiently to deliver quality adult education services.

    Objective 1: Demonstrate fiscal responsibility to maximize quality services for students enrolled in the James H. Groves Adult High School.

    • Utilize casual seasonal and part staff

    Objective 2: 
    Develop an Impact Statement describing Groves services to support funding.

    Goal 9: Ensure accurate and accountable data collection and analysis to address quality service delivery.

    Objective 1: Maintain and report measureable program outcomes that reflect goals and objectives.

    • Develop a system to gather the tracking information from the P-20  Data Match and share the information with programs
    • Monitor and review student course completions
    • Review student data to identify  characteristics  of  students who do not complete 12 hours of  attendance

    Objective 2: 
    Collect and prepare data for quarterly desk audits and annual reports.

    • Data match with P-20 Count to determine number of students transitioning to post-secondary education
    • Data match with P-20 Count to determine number of students entering and retaining employment

    Objective 3: 
    Practice proactive data analysis toward program improvement efforts.

    • Develop a system to gather the tracking information from the P-20  Data Match and share the information with programs
    • Review student data to determine the characteristics of “fast track” students who graduated within one and two years
    • Review student data to identify  characteristics  of  students who do not complete 12 hours of  attendance