Brookside Library

  • Library Hours

    The Brookside Library is open during school hours for regularly scheduled classes. Students may visit the library with permission from their teacher during the librarian's planning period to return/check out a book.

    Circulation Policy

    Students in grades K-1 will be allowed to check out 1 book per week and students in grades 2-5 will be allowed to check out 2 books per week during Library class. Book check out is for 1 week, with the opportunity for 2 renewals. Students know that they cannot check out new books until they have returned the previous book(s). Parents, please help your child(ren) to find a safe place to keep their library books so that they will not become lost or damaged. If a book is lost or damaged, please know that you are responsible for the replacement cost of the book. There are no overdue fines, but students are asked to be responsible and return their books on time so that other students may enjoy them.

    Library Mission Statement

    At the Brookside Library, students are encouraged to think, create, share and grow as they progress towards lifelong learning and becoming productive responsible citizens. Students will develop a love of reading, an understanding of technology (how to use it safely and effectively), as well as an appreciation for our multicultural society.

    Interested in Volunteering?

    The Brookside Library is in need of Library Volunteers who are able to help shelve books, process new orders, repair well-loved books and help with other library tasks.  If you are interested, please send an email to Ms. Megan Guderian, call or send a note in with your child to the Library.