• The Maclary staff provides opportunities for students to participate in enrichment activities, instrumental and string lessons, curriculum related field trips, and assemblies.

    Special education services are provided based on individual student need and foster inclusion in the general curriculum as appropriate. Struggling students have additional opportunities for support through reading resource, mentoring, intervention classes, and guidance.

    Maclary students participate in classes and activities to foster academic growth and strengthen motor skills.

    The curriculum is designed to ensure that all students meet / exceed state standards in all subject areas.

    The Maclary staff implements a daily 90 minute literacy block that offers students a diverse approach to reading and text-based writing. The use of our comprehensive classroom libraries fosters a love of reading and improves student fluency.

    Bridges is used at all grade levels for math instruction. Students learn multiple methods for problem solving; use manipulatives to facilitate understanding of numbers, operations and computation; and work cooperatively, communicating mathematically.

    Science lessons at all grade levels are presented using the Amplify kits.

    Comprehensive staff development and PLCs are on-going to ensure that teachers and support staff continue to use best practices.

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