Welcome to Maclary Elementary School!

  • Front of Maclary Elementary School

    About Us

    R. Elisabeth Maclary is located in a small wooded community setting surrounded by a nature trail. There are approximately 300 students from Kindergarten to fifth grade.

    R. Elisabeth Maclary Elementary School has worked hard to create a challenging, safe, and rewarding environment for our students. Led by dedicated staff and teachers and supported by a long tradition of parental involvement, we’ve been able to achieve our goals of providing superior educational and developmental opportunities for our students, and having a positive impact on the surrounding community.

    Our Mission, Vision and Goals

    The mission of Maclary Elementary School is to develop a strong educational foundation for each child by providing a nurturing environment which maximizes academic achievement, embraces diversity, promotes cooperation and ensures future success.

    Maclary's vision is to be a strongly interactive support system of teachers and parents that seeks to continuously improve the value of education for all children attending. Each child will develop stronger self-esteem, a sense of community with others, higher academic achievement levels and a thirst for continuing self-improvement.

    Our major instructional goals are to improve reading comprehension skills; improve writing skills; increase students' ability to problem solve and ensure that all students, including those that are economically disadvantaged, reach high economic standards in all areas. The curricula focus is an active integrated approach in all content areas. Staff are committed to providing a course of study that allows the child to grow through experiences in small and large-group learning, cooperative learning, a multi-media approach to learning, direct instruction, problem solving and journal writings.