• School Ratings are a product of the Delaware School Accountability System. The rating system has two components: the federal Adequate Yearly progress (AYP) in reading / language arts and mathematics and the State Progress component that considers all tested subjects (math, reading, science and social studies). The system has been approved by The U.S. Department of Education and satisfies the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind legislation.

    The Ratings have a clear relationship to how well students perform on the subjects tested each year. Statewide standards of achievement have been established by the Delaware State Board of Education. All groups of students must meet progressively more difficult annual performance targets or show decreases in the number of students not meeting the standards for the school to attain a Superior or Commendable rating.

    The School Ratings from highest to lowest are:

    • Superior
    • Commendable
    • Academic Review
    • Academic Progress
    • Academic Watch

    New Schools are not rated until after the second year of assessment. A new school either:

    • Has less than 60% enrolled in the same school together
    • Is in the first year of operation for a charter school
    • Added or changed 2 or more grade levels