Student Handbook

  • At R. Elisabeth Maclary Elementary School we all agree to the following:
    • Respect yourself: Do only those things that will help you to achieve a successful and healthy future.
    • Respect others: Use the lifeskills and lifelong guidelines to work with other students and all adult staff members.
    • Respect property: Take care of your things and take care of those things which we share.

    School-wide rules and procedures:

    1. Attend school daily and come on time.
    2. The school dress code must be followed. Wear appropriate school clothes.
    3. During passing period you must move quickly and quietly to your next class. Go to your locker and use the restroom during passing periods.
    4. Be prepared to work everyday. Bring your notebook (binder), lined paper, school planner, pens, pencils, ruler, required textbooks and whatever equipment is required for learning to class.
    5. Do your homework nightly. There is homework detention and homework help.
    6. Eat only in the designated eating areas. Only water is allowed to drink in class and healthy snacks with teacher permission. Gum and sunflower seeds are not allowed on campus anytime.
    7. Do not bring radios, walkman, beepers, scooters or games to school. If seen or used on campus your parent/guardian will need to meet with the Principal before they will be returned.
    8. Keep your backpack and cubbie organized and your classroom and school clean.
    9. Do not engage in physical or verbal violence. Play fighting and fighting are not allowed and may result in suspension. Use your Maclary B's to problem solve and learn to disagree without being disagreeable.
    10. Respect the building. Do not graffiti or deface any part of the building.