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  • Dear Parents,

    As we continue on with multiplication facts I have researched some effective and fun online games for students to play at home to help reinforce their multiplication facts. I have also listed IPad and IPod applications that can be downloaded for free or a small amount of money, to practice with. I am not sure about Kindle’s support of these applications. If anyone does have one and be willing to share any application information, I would greatly appreciate it.

    If you have come across applications and games that you have been using, please share that with me so that I can post it online for the rest of the students to use as well. These will be available online so that you can click on the link and go right to the webpage. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Ms. Allegra

    Online Multiplication Games

    -This website in particular provides online flash cards. The child enters in the correct product for the multiplication sentence.

              -This website has a section for 3rd grade specifically. It also does provide explanations as to why amultiplication problem was solved incorrectly.


    InteractiveApplications For IPad

    Title: Times Table Intl. - TAG


    What it does: This is a great application to begin with. This appprovides a times table chart from the ones up to the tens. When you touch a multiplication sentence such as 4 X 5, it not only shows you the answer, but it also provides a picture array. This will help children to visualize the groups of, which was previously taught and a skill continually used when we discuss and apply learned multiplication facts.

    Title: Tap Times Tables Lite

    Cost:1x to 5x tables are free and 6x to 12x are $1.99

    What it does: This application is worth the purchase in my opinion. It allows the child to focus on a specific number that is in need of mastery. It asks the player to identify a factor and not the product. I think that this is a good tool to test their memory skills and it is also a fun game to play.

    Title: Multiplication Genius x19 Free

    Cost: Free Version Facts 2-5 Paid Version 2-19

    What it does: This application has a tab that lists the facts up to 19. It does provide a free version and a paid version. This is also a good application that mixes up the facts as students continue to learn each times table.

    Title: Math App – Times Table


    What it does: It provides children a fun and interactive way to learn their facts, but also challenges them to access their memorized facts. Finally, it provides a time to provide a certain amount of time the question or questions have to be answered in.

    Title: Times Tables Quiz!

    Cost: Free

    What it does: This is an application that tests facts up to 12. You do not have a choice in the range. I would use this application when students have learned and are at a proficient level in all their math multiplication facts.

    Title: Adventures Outer Space Math-Multiplication HD Free

    Cost: Free

    What it does: This game also provides a time that can be turned on or off while practicing. The game objective and directions are explained. In order to move onto the next level you have to pass the one before it. There is also a version of this that practices math addition facts.