Classroom Rules

  • Ms. Allegra's

    4th Grade Rules:



    1) Be KIND and RESPECTFUL to others and yourself.

    2) Be POLITE when interacting with adults and peers.

    3) Be RESPONSIBLE for your own actions and words.

    4) Be a HARD WORKER.

    5) Learn from your MISTAKES.

    6) Have FUN!


    In our classroom, I have implemented a 7 teared behavior chart. Using this chart, each student will begin the day with his/her name name clip on the middle of the chart next to a rectangle titled, "Ready to Learn". Based upon individual student behavior, their name will either remain on "Ready to Learn", rise to "Good Day", "Great Job", or "Outstanding" (for superior effort and outstanding behavior) or fall (for lack of effort and poor behavior). Students with consecutive outstanding behavior will be rewarded with prizes, homework passes, or extra recess. While students with poor behavior will be held accountable for not meeting my expectations and will have the following consequences:

    1) STRIKE 1 (Warning): You will move your clothespin down 1 slot to “Think About It” on the classroom behavior chart.   You will be expected to think about your behavior and begin making better choices.

    2) STRIKE 2:You will move your clothespin down one slot to “Oh no! Stop!” on the classroom behavior chart and lose 10-15 minutes of recess.


    3) STRIKE 3: You will move your clothespin down three slots to “Teachers Choice” on the classroom behavior chart, lose all of recess and complete a responsibility card that must be signed by a parent and returned to school the following morning.



     Our Classroom Behavior Chart



     I hope that all of my students come to school with a "SMILE and enjoy what they can get out of the day"-NC