•  As we're sure you are aware, 5th grade is extremely busy all day long.  We are working hard every possible minute of the day.  Adding even more structured work for them to do at home would likely cause them to burn out and add more stress to their day.  Many studies have shown that there is no real benefit for structured homework assignments, at the elementary level.  

    Currently, students are required to read a minimum of 20 minutes each night; any book of their choosing. Please have them write you a summary of what they read each night in a journal. Please keep in mind they’re writing to you and love when you respond to them! Please try and respond to them at least once a week. Literacy is so important and making sure they have a quiet place to read each night will help them tremendously.  Reading with them has proven to be even more beneficial.

                    Students should be practicing their math facts. They should be able to recall basic multiplication and division facts instantly. Please quiz your child to ensure they know their facts and assign them flash cards if they don’t. This is the most beneficial homework your child has. Once all their facts are memorized, please have them practice multi-digit multiplication and division by writing down random computation problems and having your child solve them.

                    Whenever possible, please allow them to use Dreambox and Mobymax and other district approved sites.  (They can be found on the web resources page on the right.) These sites are research-based and proven to increase their abilities. If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please take them to the library.

                    We know that evenings can be very busy, as we are parents ourselves. That is why we feel that this homework is meaningful and beneficial; without causing extra stress and taking away from much needed family time.

    *There may be a few weeks where they get a packet or special assignment.