CEEC Philosophy

  • The Christina School District is committed to providing high quality services to children and families in order to foster the holistic development of children as well as offer a broad range of comprehensive services that support families. The Christina School District’s Early Childhood Programs are committed to giving young children the experiences they need to become successful learners and contributing members of our community. We believe that all children have a right to high quality care and education. It is our philosophy that children learn best when they are provided opportunities to interact with developmentally appropriate materials in a rich, well-planned environment. Children are encouraged to explore their world, ask questions, share information, form concepts and build social skills to prepare foundations for later learning. A multitude of hands-on learning materials is available to meet each child’s needs and to encourage each child to build concrete experiences that help use current knowledge to develop new knowledge. Highly qualified personnel that include teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, family service staff, administrators and parents support the children.