Welcome to Gallaher Elementary School!

  • Gallaher Elementary School Gallaher Elementary School is named for Robert Sidney Gallaher. He was an active member of the Newark Board of Education from 1911 to 1950. Gallaher currently serves a diverse population of approximately 545 students living in the Newark area for grades K-5. The school mascot is the Panther. The school motto is “Panther Pride”. The school colors are blue and yellow.

    Our Vision

    Gallaher Elementary School envisions a professional team of educators fostering community partnerships with the purpose of inspiring students to strive for excellence. We envision a standards based, inclusive, and challenging curriculum that stimulates learning and creativity in a positive and safe environment which maximizes individual potential and ensures students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education.

    Mission Statement

    Gallaher Elementary School will provide all students with an exemplary education, which will meet the diverse needs of individual students in a positive and safe environment while preparing them for academic success, productive citizenship, and lifelong learning.

    Gallaher is a PBS School

    Gallaher "PAWS" Principles
    • Practice problem solving
    • Act responsibly
    • Win respect
    • Show kindness

    For additional information, visit the University of Delaware: Delaware Positive Behavior Support Initiative