Safe Reopening Information & Resources for Staff

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    Welcome Back, Christina Staff!

    Our School Reopening Work Groups and the multiple subcommittees are working tirelessly on various scenarios - either all remote or a combination of remote and some in-person instruction, as we plan for the safest way to reopen schools. They work with a diverse group of parents, staff, teachers, nurses, and community stakeholders to evaluate every perspective of this very complex topic. We recognize you may have questions regarding our school reopening plan. Please click the links below for Safe Reopening Information & Resources for Staff.

  • We recognize that staff may have questions regarding our school reopening plan and have created this portal to provide Safe Reopening Information & Resources for Staff.

    For general information about the "Safe Reopening of Christina Schools," please visit the District's Reopening Website:

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  • Thank You!

    The last few months have been trying on all of us to say the least. We are faced with the most stressful and impactful events of our students' generation. Each of us has had to deal with our own stress, trauma and issues as we have navigated the new world that has changed due to COVID.


    We want to thank all of our students, families, faculty, staff and community for the support and patience they have shown us as we have worked diligently to develop a plan on how to move forward with teaching and learning while simultaneously protecting our Christina Family.

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