Our District

  • Who We Are

    The Christina School District is a Delaware public school system, serving more than 14,400 students and employing 2,600 people. Our district currently serves the City of Newark and its surrounding suburban areas as well as the City of Wilmington.

    Christina has 2 early education centers, 14 elementary schools, 2 elementary/middle schools, 3 middle schools, and 3 traditional comprehensive high schools. In addition, the District is home to the Brennen School (Delaware Autism Program), Delaware School for the Deaf, Douglass School, REACH Program, Middle School Honors Academy at Christiana High School, Networks School for Employability Skills, and Sarah Pyle Academy.

    Who We Serve

    Christina serves a diverse student and staff population and is proud to be part of the culturally and historically rich region of northern Delaware. Approximately 39% of our students are African-American, 27% white, 22% Hispanic or Latino, 6% Asian-American, 5% Multi-Racial, <1%Native American and <1% Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander. 

    Approximately 14% of students are English Learners, and about 22% of students have disabilities. Approximately 41% of students come from low-income homes. 

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Christina School District is to improve student outcomes and give every student opportunities to learn in an academically challenging, safe, equitable, and nurturing school environment. We pledge to value parents, caregivers, and families as partners in educating all students to learn, live, and lead in the 21st century and beyond.

    Our Vision

    Together, educating every student for excellence.

    This is an abstract from the main District website "Our District > About Us" section.