About the Office of Public Information and Communications

  • The Office of Public Information and Communications uses a variety of communication tools to inform our community about the exciting things going on in Christina School District. The department manages media and public relations, publications and graphic design, website and social media, marketing and advertising, district promotion and special events

When in Doubt – Contact the Public Information Office 

  • Zoom and Video Communications Platforms:

    • Do not post screenshots of your class online. Some enthusiastic teachers and parents eager to show off their Zoom classes online have innocently violated student privacy rules. We understand your enthusiasm to share the excitement of holding a class online. However, there’s one major problem: Many of these pictures often include not only students’ faces—but their full names and images of their personal space. 

    • Sharing these screen shots online violates social media policies and in some cases, parents have not signed agreements authorizing the use of students’ name and image. In addition, posting such photos online is a violation of FERPA and COPPA rules.

    • Read more about best practices for securing your virtual classroom: https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/03/27/best-practices-for-securing-your-virtual-classroom/

     Social Media/Websites:

    • Social Media: All school and program accounts must be set up by the Public Information Office. 

    • If your school has social media profiles that were not set up by the District Public Information Office, a list of the page names, the social media platforms, and the names of the account managers were due by Tuesday, April 7.

    • Websites: All Christina websites are created and managed by the Public Information Office.

    • For all digital media questions including website and setting up a social media account or if are unable to access your account, contact LaTasha Johnson at latasha.johnson@christina.k12.de.us.

    News Media:

    • Rely on the Public Information Office to provide necessary and accurate reporting of school and district programs, events, policies and progress.

    • All requests for information from members of the news media should be referred to the District’s Public Information Officer. Christina employees will not comment on behalf of the School District, nor provide information regarding the Christina School District without first receiving authorization from the Public Information Officer or Superintendent of Schools. 

    • Members of the press will be permitted on school grounds only if prior arrangements have been made with the building principal, Superintendent of Schools and/or the Public Information Officer. Students are never permitted to be interviewed without explicit parental consent either verbally or in writing. CSD and parent/guardian permission must be secured before students can be interviewed, photographed or filmed by media representatives. Visitors from the press must be accompanied by a staff member at all times.

    • Media covering sporting events will not need prior approval as long as they are only present for that event and are not reporting on other items.

    • The Public Information Office should be notified of a school event that is of public interest, a month in advance, to allow adequate time to increase the likelihood of media coverage.

    • All media representatives (radio, newspaper, television, etc.) should be referred immediately to the Public Information Office. Email or call Alva Mobley at alva.mobley@christina.k12.de.us or 302-300-0395 (mobile).


     There are many great things happening in Christina every day, and the district’s Public Information Office is happy to assist you in telling these stories. 

Contact Us

  • Alva Mobley
    Public Information Officer & Communications Manager
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    LaTasha Johnson
    Communications & Marketing Specialist
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    Elizabeth Terranova
    Program Assistant
    (302) 552-2670

    Fax:  302-429-5857

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