• Christina School District Website Mockup

    The Christina School District has developed and maintained web pages to provide information and resources to students, parents and community members, site visitors, and staff.  All official school and district sites must be set up by the Public Information Office.

    Our new websites (launched in October 2019) are powered by Blackboard Web Community Manager (Bb WCM).  We’re really proud of the new websites and feel they create the exciting experience you’re looking for.  With the launch of our new websites, we continue to work towards our goal of creating a streamlined communication experience using integrated communication tools – Parentlink, the mobile app, and websites. 

    New Features!  The new sites feature a modern, attractive design with large vivid pictures, high-contrast fonts, accessibility for visitors with disabilities, and responsiveness for viewing on mobile devices.  School leaders will also have the ability to post news/announcements from Parentlink directly to the website.

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How to Update Your School Website

  • Training is available for Christina staff who have been granted permission to maintain a website or section on a website. By the end of the training, you will be able to:

    • Identify Website Structure
    • Review default page types
    • Add a new content page
    • Create text and links on the content page
    • Organize pages within a section
    • Modify a page layout
    • Find assistance


    • Training for Site Editors - This self-paced tutorial is designed for school leaders and designated website editors to learn how to make changes to their school websites, sections, or pages. 

    • Training for Section Editors - This self-paced tutorial is designed for section editors to learn how to make changes to their assigned website sections or teacher pages. 

Adding Events to Your School Website Calendar