Peachjar - Flyers & Distribution

  • mock up of digital flyers on numerous mobile phones with overly text that says 'Flyers & Distribution. Save a Tree.

    Schools are frequently asked to distribute announcements and flyers as a public service for various organizations. Christina School District uses Peachjar exclusively for the distribution of school-approved flyers. All materials must be submitted through Peachjar and approved by the District Public Information Office.

    For more information about Peachjar and how to send or receive flyers, visit

Attend a Live Peachjar Training

  • CSD School Administrators and Secretaries are encouraged to attend Peachjar’s School Staff Training Webinars. The webinars take place every Wednesday morning at 11:00 AM.                                           


    • System Overview
    • What Parents See
    • How to Send a Flyer
    • Account Management
    • Best Practices

    Join by going to this link: Peachjar Training Webinar

    If you have any questions, please contact .

  • Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my Peachjar account?

    Public Information Office/Communications Department:
    • Email
    • Phone: (302) 552-2670

    General Support:
    • Email
    • Phone: (858) 997-2117