Email Signature

  • Below is the preferred standard email template. The district name/logo can show alongside the school logo, as in the example below.

    • Safe Sans Serif Fonts - Arial, Calibri, Helvetica
    • Font Colors - Use darker font colors such as black or dark grey.  Don't use light colors such as yellow or pink as it becomes much harder to read the text.


    District Signature

    LaTasha Johnson | Chief Communicaitons & Marketing Officer | Christina School District
    Administration Office, 1899 S. College Avenue, Newark, DE 19702
    302.552.2670 (T) | 302.530.2157 (C) | 302.429.5857 (F) | | #ChristinaStrong
    Christina School District Logo


    School Signature

    Eunique Lawrence | Principal | Christiana Campus
    Christiana High School | Honors Academy | 190 Salem Church Road, Newark, DE 19713
    Office: 302-631-2400 | Fax: 302-454-3490 |
    Christiana Vikings Campus Email signture logo   Christina School District Logo



    How To Change Your Signature

    1. Click the FILE tab
    2. Select OPTIONS
    3. Select MAIL on the left
    4. Click the SIGNATURES button…see below
    5. Paste the signature block into the window/dialog box

      Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook settings