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New Single Sign On (SSO) for ClassLink Starting July 31

Good Afternoon CSD Users!

The State will be turning off ADFS (lighthouse screen) that we have been using for Single Sign On into Classlink.   Instead of ADFS (lighthouse screen) we will begin using Google as our Single Sign On.  You will sign on with your Christina School District Google Account which is your email(username) and password.  The reason for the change is that the State is turning off the use of ADFS (lighthouse screen) because they have already implemented  the new two-step authentication system OKTA.  

  • How Will This Impact Staff? :  This shift will impact your current Classlink saved passwords that are stored.  On Monday, July 31, you will have to re-enter your passwords for each application the first time you use them in Classlink.  Once entered you can save and store them again for future use.   Any customizations you made to your Classlink homepage appearance will also need to be added once more.  If any of your applications do not appear you can simply add them using the App Library in Classlink (addition sign at the top of the page).

  • How Will This Impact Students? : When students login to Classlink using their CSD Google Credentials, they will see the OKTA screen the first time.  It will ask them for a secondary email.  They do not have to enter a secondary email and can move to the next screen.  Secondary students who use Edgenuity this summer will not have access on Friday, July 28.  Access will resume Saturday, July 29.

  • The K-1 student Quick Card setup requires that they must use quick cards.  Technology will re-generate all quick cards before school starts on Monday 7/31.  Any summer school teacher w/ students using quick cards can re-print them.  If you have trouble printing a quick card for a student, submit a Technology Ticket asking for the quick card and we can email the card directly to you.

The update will occur after business hours on Thursday, July 27th and continue into Friday, July 28th.  When we return to school/work on Monday, July 31, we will sign in to Classlink using the Google Sign On
.  This will be prompted for you to do automatically.  All applications in Classlink will not be available on Friday, July 28th.  This includes eSchool Plus.   

Next steps:  In the next week leading up to the change, reminder emails and directions will be sent so that we are all ready for the shift on July 31.  The Technology Department will be able to provide support for users experiencing difficulty by submitting a Technology Ticket.  

Old way - new way - single sign on


Thank you and take care!