Check Out Procedures


    1. All students will have an opportunity to come to the library media center to check out a book on a regular basis according to their weekly classroom schedule. 
    2. Students may exchange their book any morning before school after they have been to their classroom and with their teacher's permission. 
    3. Students in Grades 4 & 5 may check out 2 books.  
      Students in Grades k-3 may check out 1 book.
    4. No fines are charged on overdue books. Instead, the student will be unable to check out another book until that one is returned.
    5. Students are expected to bring their books back for return each scheduled library class. If a student is absent on his/her library book check out day, they can return it the next week. Students who have 2 library classes a week will have library checkout on the first day of library. They are not required to bring their library books to class on the second day of library unless they wish to exchange them for a different books.
    6. Books may be renewed as needed. It is sometimes necessary to limit the check out period of popular book titles that many students are waiting to enjoy.
    7. Reminder notices will be sent home if a student has an overdue book for an extended period of time. 
    8. If a book is damaged or lost, students will be expected to pay for the damaged or lost book.