College Application Month

  • October 1 - November 30

    During College Application Month (CAM), all colleges in Delaware are waiving application fees. The instructions for filing the fee waiver for UD on Common App are attached. There is also a College Application Fee Waiver Matrix with information about getting fee waivers for many schools on the Delaware Student Success website. The instructions for how to get UD's application fee waived are here at UD Fee Waiver instructions.

    College Application Week (CAW) at Newark High School will be from October 19 -23, 2020. In the weeks before CAW, senior teachers will have students fill in a College Application Week Student Preparedness Worksheet to help them fill in their college applications. Students also need to know their social security numbers and have their college essays saved on a flashdrive or computer.

    During CAW, seniors will get assistance with their college applications. Hopefully, many seniors have already started their college applications before this. Our goal is to help each senior apply to four or more post-secondary schools. There will also be fee waivers to UD, Del-State, DCAD, and Wilmington University for all seniors applying to college during this time. Goldey Beacom, Del-Tech, and Wesley do not charge an application fee online.

    After applying to college, please make sure to start your financial aid application on For more assistance with FAFSA please go to

    On February 12 from 9-11 am, Newark High will be hosting a FAFSA event for individual assistance with applying for financial aid.

    If you need more information on these topics, please e-mail Ms. Skovronski or go to