• The Merchantworks program provides students with knowledge and practical experience in merchandising and sales. Students develop employability skills while engaging in learning about products or services; assessing customer needs; educating customers; meeting customer needs; preparing for selling; closing sales; and developing and implementing a sales follow-up plan.

    Retail Management; Sales; Customer Service

    Common Job Titles:

    Stock/Merchandise Clerk; Head of Stock; Cashier; Window Dresser; Salesperson; Customer Service Representative; Sales Associate; Seasonal Sales Associate; Retail Store Manager; Shift Manager; Assistant Store Manager; Floor Manager


    Retail and Wholesale Stores, Clothing Companies, Specialty Retailers


    Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, Home-Based Business, Retail Store Owner


    • Develop healthy, safe, and secure work practices
    • Develop industry and company knowledge and awareness
    • Develop knowledge and skills needed to identify customer needs
       and expectations for products and services
    • Identify professional goals consistent with company needs
    • Develop knowledge and skills needed to initiate product and service improvements
    • Product and service awareness
    • Understand company policies and procedures
    • Sales procedures and techniques
    • Utilize specialized equipment/tools in the performance of sales and service functions
    • Demonstrate basic employability skills
      -  Demonstrate intrapersonal skills
      -  Demonstrate effective teamwork skills in a work environment
      -  Demonstrate responsibility for one's self and one's environment
         needed for success in the workplace
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