What's Going On in the Classroom

  • Language Arts:
    • This week we are reading various friendship themed books as we practice identifying the main idea and supporting details in a story.
    • We review the sight words: and, be, help, with, you, and play. Young readers should not be attempting to sound out these words. They should know them by sight.
    • We practice segmenting and blending to read words with short "a".
    • We read decodable readers to practice the above skills.
    • In Writing, we focus on writing a complete sentence, with beginning capitalization and ending punctuation.
    • We have started our first Math Module: Counting and Data. We practice counting and writing numbers to 120. We practice recognizing and extending number patterns, such as counting by twos, fives, etc.
    Social Studies:
    • We continue to explore Unit 1: Citizenship.
    • We review rights, responsibilities, and privileges.