First Grade

  • First Grade   Newsletter Fall 2018-19

    First Grade students are getting settled into the routines of school.   The first grade teachers are happy to see so many students following the rules of our Brader Tiger ROAR.

    Red Folders will be used to carry homework and any important messages to and from school. These daily red folders will be used all year, and should be brought to school every day.  The teacher will check these folders every day as your child enters the classroom.  Please place any notes for the teacher or the school office inside the folder in the left side pocket.  Your child will use this folder to bring home homework pages to be completed. Any completed homework papers that have been checked by the teacher will be returned in the folder in the right side pocket, and may be kept at home. Please check this folder each night.   Please set aside a quiet place and 10-15 minutes for your child to do his/her homework.  Homework is important for students. It is a review of our daily work in school. This October we started to send home a Reading Log with a book to read each night.  These books are close to their reading level.  Please write the book title and put your initials in the log.  Each day your child has the chance to return and pick another book.  Students may read more than one book a night.

    The First Grade Team is looking forward to an exciting school year.