Delaware Early Learning Foundations

  • Preschooler playing as a bakery cashier The Delaware Early Learning Foundations were originally created in 2003. An advisory group was created in 2010 and the Foundations were revised to reflect new information that has become available about childrenʼs development.

    The focus of the Foundations is to provide a structure and guide for planning experiences [opportunities] that are important to facilitating childrenʼs development. Careful consideration was given to linking the Foundations with Delawareʼs K-12 standards and kindergarten-level expectations. The advisory group adapted and revised the expectations for children and then transformed that information into establishing broad sets of learning opportunities that would support learning. Having children come to kindergarten prepared to be successful is an important aspect to early childhood services.

    The State of Delaware is committed to supporting early childhood development for young children. Many individuals, families, groups, organizations, and agencies are focused on activities and services designed to ensure that young children have available what they need to develop to their best potential. We know there are sets of experiences that we call learning opportunities that strengthen the ready learning process.

    The Delaware Early Learning Foundations is a guide to these learning opportunities. Teachers at the CEEC use the Delaware Early Learning Foundations to plan lessons that are developmentally appropriate and prepare students for later school success.