Second Step

  • Educating the Heart and Mind
    Violence prevention is important in the preschool classroom. Social skills and behavior management are among the most important school readiness skills identified by Delaware kindergarten teachers in a 2000 study by the Department of Education. Research shows that aggressive behavior in children predicts risk of later delinquency, substance abuse, school dropout, early parenthood, and depression. Classroom use of the Second Step program helps provide children with the skills they need to create safe environments and become successful adults.
    Based on more than 15 years of classroom application and the most current academic, social, and emotional research, the Second Step program focuses on the three essential competencies:
    • Empathy
    • Impulse control and problem solving
    • Anger management

    Integration activities tie the lessons to academic learning requirements - health, science, math, social studies and language arts. Lessons are taught weekly and each lesson builds upon the previously taught lessons.