Middle School Uniform Dress Code

  • The following Christina School District middle schools participate in the school uniform program:

    • The Bancroft School (Grade 6-8)
    • The Bayard School (Grades 6-8)
    • Gauger-Cobbs Middle School
    • George V. Kirk Middle School
    • Shue-Medill Middle School

    The following clothing guidelines have been adopted for students in grades 6-8 at the schools listed above: (Dress Code will be strictly enforced)

    • Shirts: (No other colors are acceptable)
      • 6th Grade – Red
      • 7th Grade – Light Grey
      • 8th Grade – Navy Blue

      • Long or short sleeved, collared polo style shirts are acceptable
      • Shirts must have 2-3 buttons and be conservative and modest in appearance
      • Shirt sizing: Must cover chest and midriff (when hands are raised)
      • Cannot hang above fingertips when arms are at sides
      • Shirt cannot be cinched, tied or clipped in the back
      • No patterns, designs or artwork are allowed
      • Sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are NOT permitted;
      • Undershirts must be a solid color, either white or student’s grade color

    • Pants: Students will wear navy blue, black, or khaki pants, skirts or jumpers;
      • Pants must be Dockers-style with belt loops
      • Denim jeans or (look-a-like), sweat pants and pants with patterns or designs are NOT permitted;
      • Skirts, scooters and jumpers may not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee while seated;
      • A solid color belt must be worn if pants have belt loops;
      • Clothing must be worn at the natural waist at all times;
      • No oversized, baggy, saggy, wide-leg, low-riders, below the waist, hip huggers, tight fitting, cargo pants/shorts/skirts or nylon athletic shorts

    • Leggings, Jeggings/Tights
      • Must be solid in color, either black or navy blue
      • No patterns, artwork, or designs permitted
      • Must cover entire legs down to the ankle
      • Leggings, Jeggings/Tights cannot be worn as a substitute for pants
      • Leggings, Jeggings/Tights may only be worn under length appropriate skirts

    • Footwear:
      • Footwear must be closed toed and heel with a hard sole. Footwear must cover the entire foot.
      • Footwear with embedded wheels is NOT PERMITTED
      • Heels may not be higher than 1”

    • Sweaters:
      • Cardigans, pullover sweaters or non-hooded sweatshirts, are permitted but must be same color as grade level shirt.
      • Hoodies/sweatshirts with a hood are not permitted
      • No hoods or oversized collars ex. – fur
      • No patterns, designs, logos or artwork, other than a school insignia,
      • Collared school uniform shirt must be worn under these garments

    • Accessories:
      • Belts
      • Belts must be plain in design (Solid black or Solid brown)
      • Belts must be worn through the pant loops no exceptions
      • No initial or oversized buckles
      • Belts may not be too long so that the end of the belt hangs down
      • Belts may not have studs or metal trappings

    • Jewelry
      • No jewelry that will distract or disrupt the educational environment will be allowed
      • Facial Piercing - Unacceptable (nose, tongue, eyebrows, etc.)

    • Purses
      • Must be 8 ½” x 5 ½” or smaller (a regular piece of paper, folded in half)

    • Hair
      • Hats, caps, hoods, and bandanas are NOT PERMITTED


    Modified Uniform Dress Codes

    Students at the following school have slightly modified guidelines. Please visit the school website for Uniform Dress Code guidelines.

    • The Bancroft School



    Students will be permitted to participate in religious expression to the limit currently permitted.

    Administrative Prerogative: The Administration reserves the right to address uniform issues that present themselves as a distraction to the students or the educational process. A parent who objects, on behalf of their student, to the school uniform because of his or her religion, religious belief or because of a medical condition must obtain a copy of the policy dress code, submit a request for exemption in writing. The principal will review the written request for exemption and will accept or deny the request. During the course of the school year the administration reserves the right to amend said dress code and will notify all constituents of amendments in writing.

    Revised: June 19, 2015