About Sarah Pyle Academy


    Together inspiring lifelong success through personalization.


    In line with the Guiding Principles of the Superintendent's Performance Targets, this non-traditional learning environment will help accelerate achievement for those students who have been unable to attain success in the traditional high school environment.

    • Incorporate excellence, rigor, achievement and pride 
    • Require alignment in quality and distinction of staff, students and parents 
    • Accelerate achievement for all students 
    • Promote individual academic success 
    • Combine school-to-work and school-to-college requirements


    SPA actively and routinely uses technology to access academic content, to effectively monitor and communicate student progress, memorialize student award ceremonies for future viewing, conduct/record professional development opportunities for staff and students, and to connect with teacher and staff during off shift hours via google hangouts and other electronic resources.

    Students may participate in online content/curriculum platforms in goal attainment with approximately 60% of credits currently earned using Edgenuity, 20% other web based applications & interactive sites (ie. Khan Academy, Everfi, and other similar programs) and the remaining 20% Project Based Learning, traditional paper and pen or other personalized methods  to demonstrate mastery of content. Each student's learning pathway is personalized based on their learning style and academic needs.