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    Academics & Student Records

    To access the transcript request form and other guidance forms, click on the link for the SPA School Counseling Program Google Site link on the navigation menu on the right side of the page! 

    • Change of Address – To change your address, please bring one of the following documents to Mrs. Oates in the main office:
      • Current Electric Bill (service location must match mailing address)
      • Current, Valid, Signed and Dated Lease or Signed and Dated Settlement Statement
      • Current rent receipt with property, address and renter name
      • Current utility bill (water, cable, phone, garbage, propane/oil)
      • Current property tax and sewer bill
      • Please Note: A Notarized Christina School District "Residence Verification" will be necessary if the proof of residence is not in the name of the parent/guardian
      • Admissions (link)
      • Graduation Requirements
    • Course of Study – Your student’s course of study is a form that we use here at Sarah Pyle Academy to keep track of all credits earned and all credits needed. Be sure to review this frequently. If you think it is not correct, contact your school counselor immediately.
    • Community Service Requirement – All Christina graduates must complete community service in order to graduate, please see our Community Service page for more information.

    Life After SPA:  College and Career Program Information

    All of these links and more are also available on the School Counseling Program Google Site!
    • College & Financial Aid Information (See "Links" page in right navigation)
    • College Planning – All SPA students leave high school with a Life After SPA plan! This may include college, apprenticeship, trade school, military, or employment plans.  Various colleges and post high school programs come to SPA throughout the year to talk to students, see the Transition Coordinator/Job Coach for more information or see our "Links" page for additional resources!
    • Accuplacer Testing – All SPA students are challenged to score at Pre-Tech or higher on Accuplacer testing before graduation. Why does it matter? Students who score at Basic level can’t use financial aid or scholarships to pay for the Basic level classes that the college will require them to take before moving on to college level material. By helping SPA graduates score at Pre-Tech level or higher, we help make sure that you get to use every dime of your financial aid and scholarships to start your education right away! See your advisor or school counselor for more information on Accuplacer. 
    • SAT & ACT Testing - Students planning to go to four year colleges should take the SAT and/or ACT test at least once before graduation. Fee Waivers are available for students who receive free or reduced lunch or qualify under other provisions. (See "Links" page in right navigation)


    Student Advocacy

    All of these links and more are also available on the School Counseling Program Google Site!
    • Mediation & Counseling Services – The school counselors at Sarah Pyle Academy are certified school counselors and are able to provide individual, group, and crisis counseling for students as needed. Peer conflicts are mediated by the counselors and/or deans of students as needed in order to prevent escalation of student issues. Additional therapeutic counseling is available in school, for more information, please see the School Counseling Program Google Site link on the navigation menu on the right side of the page! 
    • Community Programs (See "Links" page in right navigation)