• School Based Health Centers 

    Sarah Pyle Academy students are eligible to receive health and wellness services, including mental health counseling, through their home school's School Based Health Center (SBHC)  To receive services, parents or guardians must register and approve services for their student by clicking on the registration link for their home school's Wellness Center.  Once registered, you can call or email to schedule appointments.  

    School Based Health Centers provide services to students free of charge, though if you have private insurance or Medicaid, they will still need to collect that information from you. 


    The links to each high school's School Based Wellness Center are below: 



    SBHC services offered:

     Counseling (individual, family, and group)

     Health education/risk reduction

     Crisis intervention and suicide prevention

     Nutrition/weight management

     Pregnancy testing

     Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

     HIV testing at approved high schools

     Reproductive Health Services (Birth control pills/Depo-Provera/condoms) available at approved high schools

     Physicals (sports, school, or pre-employment)

     Health screenings

     Immunizations

     Diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses/injuries