Parent Resource Center

  • Welcome to the Parent Resource Center!

    As we continue to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly online and with mobile devices we would like to provide you with resources to share in that process. In addition to the resources offered on this page, please visit the SPA Parent Lounge, our new virtual site that offers tutorials, information, and links that will help you support your child's success here at SPA. 

    Please see links to the right for virtual resources that include:

    • Safe Digital Citizenship Family~ Support Documents for all ages
    • Family Digital Media Contract examples
    • Information on Sexting, Digital Footprints, Cyber-bullying and more
    SPA Parent Resource Center
    Our Onsite PRC is presently closed due to COVID 19, but will reopen when we are permitted to do so.  In the meantime, please visit our SPA Parent Lounge for helpful resources!
    Sarah Pyle Academy's Parent Resource Center serves many resources within the school involving parental engagement and interaction, as well as opportunities to find out what some of the needs are in the family of a SPA Scholar.
    Our Parent Resource Center is geared toward the parent, guardian, and the community. We provide a clean, safe, and secure place for them to visit while they are here in the building, they may be close to their loved ones during times when they are volunteering in or outside of the classroom, and a place for them to utilize the new computers. Some individuals may need assistance with job searching, creating resumes, completing online college applications, or receiving help with filling out financial aid forms.
    The times spent in the Parent Resource Center are often chances for parents and guardians to meet one another, as they comply with SPA's mandatory family involvement. SPA Scholars may be more encouraged and motivated when they see their loved ones around the building on a more consistent basis.
    Some of the things that can take place include our Annual PRC Open House, creating a PRC committee, and organizing monthly PRC committee meetings.
    Come and experience the benefits that the Parent Resource Center has to offer...You are always welcome here!
  • * Sarah Pyle Academy encourages and prepares our students to think critically, participate responsibly and behave ethically in their digital lives. Our students spend a high percentage of their time on-line, we want to give them the tools and strategies to put their best foot forward... especially their digital footprint!