Multi-Media Resource Lab

    A project to develop a community-based learning lab at the Sarah Pyle Academy (SPA) for Academic Intensity was launched as a result of a donation of books by the Estate of Courtney Ankh Bonds (CAB). Courtney’s passion for reading and serving the under-served coupled with the community impact of Sarah Pyle Academy made a powerful appeal to the members of the SPA CAB team.
    The very deliberate effort included members from the family of Courtney Ankh Bonds, SPA administrative staff, teaching staff, students and community representatives. As the planning phase concluded it became obvious to the team members that this special initiative could provide much more than books to the school as well as the neighboring community. It could offer a lighthouse that has the potential to transform the entire neighborhood. Library visits were welcomed from Cape Henolopen to Philadelphia, Pa. Each visit brought vision and focus to the team. Libraries visited were:
    As a result of the library tours, the vision formed will bring value to both the school and community in the areas of:
    1. Improved student skill development
    2. Improved Pedagogy
    3. Improved Community Relations
    4. Improved Staff Development
    5. Improved Communications


    As a result of the efforts of the CAB Team at SPA, were were able to do the following:
    • Organize Action Team include members of each interest group
    • Virtual Community Center Tours
    • Plan and Execute State-wide Tours and Leader Interviews
    • Meet with professionals and establish a phase-in budget
    • Establish Public Announcement & Appeal Materials
    • Designing and Building a foundation for the “CAB Lab”
    • Mural and Peace Garden Phases added
    • Integration with Cross Age Mentoring Program

    Even with SPA now being housed in both Newark and Wilmington, the impact of these lessons continue through both of our campuses. We look forward to more opportunities to honor the legacy that this endeavor was founded on as we bring the spirit of community that SPA embodies to our two new buildings!