• Alma Mater

    When, through thy portals, fair old Newark's twilight falls,
    Bringing its silence to our high school halls,
    In that happy moment, love for Alma Mater swells,
    And the heart outpouring of her glory tells.
    Newark, Alma Mater,
    Fairest theme of all our praise,
    Newark, Alma Mater,
    Ever blest thy days.
    Far from thy portals yearly rove thy loving sons;
    Yet, in their dreaming, e'er thy name returns.
    'Tis the same fond spirit, which the memory gushes o'er.
    And the lips but echo that old song of yore.


    The Alma Mater is credited to Frederick Kutz, then a teacher and later principal, in 1941. A small committee including Anne Richards and Wanda Gilmore worked with Kutz to write the words set to the then popular song "Juanita". The song is sung in four-part harmony, usually with only the first verse and the chorus. Traditionally each class before 1941 had a song with customized words that was sung at graduation.