Compensation & Salary Schedules

      • Compensation Guidelines

        The Christina School District operates under separate and unique collective bargaining unit agreements with Teachers, Secretaries, Custodians, Paraprofessionals, Food Service Employees and Bus Drivers & Bus Attendants respectively. The Payroll Department applies all rules for pay from both federal and state law and these bargaining unit agreements. All of these agreements are compliant with federal and state law for salaries and hourly wages. Below is a link to a brief description of a couple of important laws we would like to call to your attention as you review the salary schedule that applies to you. They are only a subset of the federal and state laws we follow for all our employees.

      Contact Us

      • Please see the lists below for your primary payroll & benefits contact.

      Payroll Contacts

      • Employees Last Names
        Suzanne Miles
        Phone: (302) 552-2699, ext. 518

        Employees Last Name
        L- Z 
        Susan Allen 
        Phone: (302) 552-2699, ext. 519

        Administrators, Transportation, Food Services 
        Deadra Bivens
        Phone: (302) 552-2699, ext. 514

        Reported Time Payroll 
        Sheila Montgomery
        Phone: (302) 552-2699, ext. 515

      Benefits Contacts

      • Employees Last Names
        Anne Hardesty
        Phone: (302) 552-2699, ext. 516 

        Employees Last Names
        Bridget Baker
        Phone: (302) 552-2699, ext. 517

        Administrators & All Retirements 
        Tirzha Brown 
        Phone: (302) 552-2699, ext. 513