Graduation Details and Dress Code

    • Cap and gown units should be ordered by now. If you have not ordered, please go to and select Newark High School. Follow the prompts to place your order. Orders must be placed soon to ensure they are in time for graduation.

    • You are not allowed to decorate your cap.

    • Underneath the official gown, young ladies will wear appropriate dress clothing and dress shoes (high heels are not recommended.) Young men will wear light-colored dress shirts, long dark slacks, long ties, dark socks, and dress shoes (no boots or sports shoes, no sandals or flip flops)

    • Handicapped seating will be available. One other person may sit with the handicapped individual, but whole groups cannot be accommodated in this special area.

    • The Bob Carpenter Center does not allow the following: Umbrellas, signs, posters, balloons, or noise makers of any kind.

    • Graduation will be an extremely dignified ceremony.

Graduation Tickets

  • Twelve (12) tickets per graduate will be provided on June 12th after the graduation rehearsal.
    All graduates are expected to attend rehearsals on June 9 and June 12.
    Rehearsals are at Newark High School.