5th Grade

  • Suggestions for Parents of Fifth Graders
    • Allow your child to get a library membership and visit often. 
    • Encourage your child to write!
    • Create a brochure for a place you have visited or going to visit.
    • Write and illustrate a picture book.
    • Give a try at poetry.
    • Write a song and perform.
    • Write a movie review or create a movie billboard.
    • Organize and write out the family's weekly grocery list.
    • Have your child figure out the change when paying in cash.
    • Have your child help write a check while paying bills.
    • Limit TV watching and encourage educational channels.
    • Visit some local museums.
    • Play games like Scrabble or Boggle.
    • Engage in conversation.
Downes Elementary 5th grades hanging out in the hall
Downes Elementary 5th graders working on a team project