• The Art Curriculum

    Follow me and come show your artistic side!

    All people everywhere need to find an outlet for expression of the intellect and the emotion. This art curriculum is just that. A place in the academic world created to deepen the scholastic experience by creating and providing a new venue of expression.

    We will investigate the elements and principles of design including pattern, line, geometric and free form shapes, positive and negative space and form, the creation of primary and secondary colors, value, movement and rhythm, balance, texture, emphasis, variety, unity, and composition.

    We will study the sequential processes, basic drawing and painting techniques, and explore various media such as graphite, charcoal, watercolor, oil pastels, collage materials, printmaking materials, sculpey clay, inks, markers, crayons, paper, balsam wood, found objects, fiber and dyes.

    This course is designed to expose students to a wide variety of materials and tools and to encourage higher-order thinking skills through cross-curricular activities, exploring media and techniques, assessing works of art, and seeing the role of art in other cultures.