Welcome to The Bayard School!

  • The Bayard School The Bayard School is a grade 1 - 8 school that is dedicated to offering a comprehensive and systematic school program that will include impeccable instruction and the necessary resources for all of our students to achieve academic success and age-appropriate social development. Each of our students receive English, Math, Social Stuides and Science  instruction every day. To provide additional learning opportunities, we have built into our schedule an additional hour per day of academic support and/or enrichment. These classes are designed to help our students reach academic success in their content area classes as well as improve their performance on standardized tests.

    For school year 2019-20, we will offer several new improvements to our school program.

    • Addition of a new English curriculum to streamline our efforts and to provide additional support for our students with fidelity
    • Instructional coaches to support our Elementary and Secondary instruction.
    • Technology in every classroom.
    • Addition of the "Community School" model through a partnership with Children & Families First, Inc. to enhance our parent and community engagement activities/workshops
      • Includes a full-time coordinator

    Renovations & Temporary Campuses

    Renovations on The Bayard School are underway, and we are excited about what the new transformation will offer our staff and scholars! While the construction team finishes work on our current building, we will utilize two temporary campuses that we know are safely equipped to serve our students. 

    • Grades 1-6: Pulaski Elementary School, 1300 Cedar St. Wilmington, DE 19805

    • Grades 7 & 8: Sarah Pyle Academy, 501 North Lombard Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

    Is change hard?  Yes, of course, it is. However, we recognize this amazing opportunity to affect positive, long-term change. The benefits of a newly renovated school for the Bayard community will outweigh the challenges of construction, and our focus will always be ensuring a safe environment for our students to learn.

    For updates about The Bayard School Renovation & Construction Project, please visit Building a Better Learning Experience at Christina School District.