Message from Principal Ingram

  • Hello Glasgow Dragons,

    Your Glasgow High School team has been working diligently to learn new technology, adapt and design new opportunities for learning, and converting current curriculum to an online format.

    It is important that both you and your student review the accompanying email, our website, and your teacher’s Schoology page for important information. We will also try to utilize other communication vehicles as well to distribute this information.

    Third marking period grades will be calculated as of the last day we were in session, March 13th.  Grades will only be counted on the work submitted as of that date. Students will not be responsible for any assignment due after March 13th as part of the third marking period grade and there will be no opportunity for students to make up work. Specific questions regarding grades and assignments should be directed to your student’s teacher.

    Additional information regarding graduation, prom, and other end of year information will be communicated as soon as a decision is rendered by the district office in coordination with guidance from the Governor’s Office and Delaware Department of Education.  

    Remote Learning will begin on April 6th and continue until schools are scheduled to reopen on May 18th.  Instruction will be delivered via Schoology and other electronic platforms to provide students with a mix of review and new learning content.  For those students unable to access technology, printed learning materials will be available every Wednesday at the five meal distribution sites. 

    Teachers will utilize the eSchool Gradebook during this time. Students will be provided feedback, however, the assigned work will not be graded and the work completed during the remote learning time period will not impact a student’s GPA. Although these assignments will not be graded, as always, we continue to value the learning that will take place. 

    Teachers will enter participation, assignments, and activities into the grade book.  The assignment will earn one of three comments:

    X - The student was not involved in remote learning for this activity

    1 - The student participated in an aspect of the remote learning activity but did not complete component(s) of the assignment

    2 - The student participated in the remote learning activity and completed all elements of the assignment

     * Although a percentage is shown in ESchool, this will not be averaged into the final grade for the marking period, this “grade” only represents the completion of assignments.


    Teachers will be expected to follow a consistent schedule. 





    BLOCK 1




    BLOCK 2




    BLOCK 3




    BLOCK 4




    BLOCK 5












    OFFICE HOURS (Mondays-Fridays)


    In addition to remote class time, educators will also maintain office hours. Additional staff members may be reaching out at different times via phone. Counselors, educational diagnosticians, psychologists, and the like may be utilizing the phone to provide additional contacts and services. It is possible that the phone number may show as a blocked call as many teachers may utilize the *67 option.

    GHS Office hours:

    3:00-4:00pm daily

    Although we are publishing formal class in-office hours times, educators can always be contacted via Schoology, email, etc.

    During remote learning, specifically when Zoom or other live learning classroom tools are utilized, new expectations for students have been developed to support the best experience possible.

    During remote learning, specifically when Zoom or other live learning classroom tools are utilized, please adhere to these new expectations:

    • Dress Code: Please follow the same school dress code. Offensive or inappropriate clothing is still unacceptable.

    • Location: Choose an appropriate setting; the kitchen, office or living room are examples of viable (good) options.  Do not use a bedroom, bathroom, or dark location.

    • Background:  Be mindful of your background; check the area for inappropriate posters or items. Bright windows can be problematic when utilizing a digital camera. Additionally, be mindful of family members during this time.

    • Integrity: Remember this is school. Be mindful of our language; do not take videos or snapshots of other people; do not post anything to social media; do not be text on your phones during live learning times.
    • Noise: During live learning times your mic should be muted and all background noise should be minimized. No background music should be playing and any audible notifications should be turned off.

    • It’s Still the Teacher’s Classroom: The teacher is still in charge. Any direction that your teacher gives is expected to be followed in the district student manual’s behavioral expectations still apply.

    This is new to us all. We are all moving forward with the intent of trying our best. I have no doubt that there will be additional communications as we work through the first few weeks of remote learning. Please be patient and mindful of our efforts to provide your student with our best attempt at teaching in this new way.


    Thank you and have a great day.