Artist in Residency Mentoring and Post-Secondary Exploration Program

  • Join us for an unforgettable night at the GHS Student Showcase, taking place at Glasgow High School on May 17, where you'll be treated to a live performance of 4 original songs, written, composed and performed by our talented students themselves and the legendary Jerry Wonda!

  • The vision of the Visual and Performing Arts HB198 Program: Artist in Residency Mentoring and Post-Secondary Exploration Program is to raise awareness among students about post-secondary education and employment opportunities within the performing arts. Notably, the program offers students the invaluable chance to work alongside Multi Grammy Award-winning producer Jerry Wonda, within his philanthropic work of immersing students in the Te-Bass School of Music Curriculum.


    Imagine walking into a state-of-the-art recording studio, surrounded by industry pros, and crafting a song that's all your own. That's exactly what happened when students from Glasgow High School teamed up with legendary multi-platinum music producer, Jerry Wonda, in an unforgettable musical adventure.


    Under the guidance of Jerry Wonda, these talented students embarked on a journey that combined educational excellence with creative genius. From brainstorming to recording, they delved into the entire creative process, learning the intricacies of songwriting, composition, and arrangement.


    Together, these talented students collaborated with Jerry Wonda to compose, write, and record their very own songs. The result is a powerful and uplifting anthem that showcases their individual talents and collective creativity. From lyricists to musicians, vocalists to producers, each student brought their unique voice and vision to the project, resulting in 4 truly unforgettable songs that inspires and uplifts. Through their shared passion for music, they were able to tap into their creative potential, pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ideas.