Class of 2023 Graduation Information

  • Class of 2023 and Families,

    Graduation Day for the Class of 2023 is quickly approaching. You should be extremely proud of your accomplishment, and we wish all of you continued success. The 48th Commencement of Glasgow High School will be held on June 14, beginning at 7:00PM, at the Bob Carpenter Center, located in the University of Delaware Campus. Each graduating senior will receive 12 tickets to be used for family and friends. You must have a ticket to attend Commencement. Guests two years old and younger may sit on the adult's lap.

    Commencement is a wonderful ceremony that will create lasting memories for you and your family. Enclosed, please find a copy of our Senior Calendar, Dress Code and University of Delaware guidelines for Commencement. Students with outstanding debts, with incidents of inappropriate behavior, not adhering to the dress code, and/or missing practice will not be permitted to participate in Commencement. Additionally, students who have violated the attendance policy and/or have failed to complete all academic requirements will not be permitted to participate in Commencement. In summary, students must meet all District and State graduation requirements to participate in Commencement.

    Parents and guardians, please speak with your student about the importance of making the right choices during this time of celebration. It is critical that students confirm that final course requirements are met and that they avoid disciplinary consequences. We do not want any of our students to make poor choices that could jeopardize their graduation status and, more importantly, their health.

    We look forward to the celebration of our Graduating Class of 2023.

Dress Code for Commencement

    1. Check your cap and gown when you receive it. It will need to be ironed. Do not use a hot iron. Check your gowns for length. Check with the advisor if there is a problem.

    2. NO decorations on gown or person. Girls or boys wear small earrings or none at all.


    4. Tassels are worn on the right.

    5. Caps should be worn flat, not at an angle. Girls are encouraged to use bobby pins to hold their caps. Caps are to be worn correctly and properly. Students are not allowed to decorate and/or color their cap.

    6. Girls must wear a white or cream-colored dress or pant suit and neutral colored shoes. The dress may not have patterns on it. If you have questions, please see your counselor.

    7. Boys must wear a white or light pastel colored shirt, dark tie, dress pants, dark socks and black or brown dress shoes.

    8. NO flip flops, or sneakers. This is for both boys and girls.

    9. If your dress is deemed inappropriate, you will not walk with your class. Graduation is a formal affair and should be treated as such.

    10. If you have any other questions, please see Mr. Ingram.
  • Senior Exams Regular Days
  • May 31 Block 5 Exam
  • June 1 Block 3 and 4 Exams
  • June 2 Block 1 and 2 Exams
  • June 5 Make up Exams
  • June 9 8am-11am Mandatory Practice/ Assembly @ Glasgow (Failure to attend will result in non-Graduation @ the Bob Carpenter Center)
    11:30am-2pm Picnic - Senior Fun Day
  • June 14 Graduation @ the Bob Carpenter Center @7pm; Students must arrive @ 5:45pm
  • ALL Chromebooks must be collected
    on June 2 or June 9

    Failure to return Chromebooks will result in non-Graduation @ the Bob Carpenter Center

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