Course Catalog

  • 2025-2025 Course Catalogs covers and a open catalog

    The District released the 2024-2025 High School Course Catalog to help students and their parents navigate the road to graduation.

    The catalog presents all of Christina's offerings in one place, with consistent policies and procedures for scheduling, graduation requirements and other important topics for students at Christiana High School, Glasgow High School, Newark High School, Sarah Pyle Academy and the CSD Virtual Academy.

    The catalog offers a glance at each high school's offerings, including signature pathways, AP and dual enrollment courses, world languages and athletics. Course descriptions and prerequisites have been updated and standardized with a clear alignment to pathways and core content areas.

  • Scheduling

    Current 8th Grade Students

    Current 8th grade students, who will be in Glasgow High School as 9th graders next year, will complete course scheduling with GHS counselors in March and April at their middle schools. The 9th grade form and Course Selection Guide (posted below)should be used as reference for discussions with parents/guardians and will be completed/collected at the in-person sessions. Students have also been added to a Schoology group called, GHS Class of 2026 and should check regularly for updates. 

    Current 9th, 10th, 11th Grade students

    Please use the course selection sheets and Course Selection Guide (Posted below) as reference to discuss plans with parents/guardian. Counselors will be visiting advisories prior to spring break to give directions on how students will complete scheduling in their Home Access Center accounts and will complete scheduling with students after spring break. A video presentation is also available below to give instructions on completing scheduling in HAC. Please do not return forms to counselors, as students will need them for information to enter their schedules on HAC. Please also check your grade level Schoology pages for further updated information and timing.

  • Scheduling Presentation
  • Schedule 9th Grade Classes
  • Schedule 10th Grade Classes
  • Schedule 11th Grade Classes
  • Schedule 12th Grade Classes