• Graduation of a student is one of the proudest moments any family can experience. It is a culmination of years of hard work, tremendous encouragement and continuous support. It is indeed a very special and memorable occasion as it marks the ending of one’s formative education and the beginning of a new life chapter.

    We will hold our graduation ceremony on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. The ceremony for Christiana High School will begin promptly at 7:00 P.M. at the Bob Carpenter Center (University of Delaware)

    With these thoughts in mind, we ask that you review the information on this website with your Senior. The information provides basic guidance for senior year, such as the ceremony for the Class of 2023, as well as other important information for seniors (EX: Senior Project and Senior Pictures).

    Staff of the Christiana Vikings Campus feel strongly that with the support of our "village," the events for the Class of 2023 will be beautiful and dignified events, of which we can all be proud.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in making June 13th A REALITY for the Class of 2023.



    Dr. Lawrence, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Graham, and Mr. Kalinowski