Honors Academy

  • Purpose

    • At the Christiana Honors Academy, we prepare students for success at the college level through University Dual Enrollment courses. The comprehensive Honors Academy program begins with the Middle School Honors Academy years, providing students a preparatory framework of advanced academics to prime individuals for Dual Enrollment collegiate opportunities, and competitive college admissions by Grade 10. MSHA  provides a rigorous academic program in 6th through 8th grades that prepares students to take university courses in high school. The expectation is students will take the SAT and college entrance exams by Grade 10.  In addition, each student takes a performing arts course that comprises Band, Chorus, or Orchestra.

      The 6th-12th Honors Academy provides each student with a smaller learning community that builds confidence and knowledge where the students feel comfortable to excel in their talents. As a 6th-12th Campus community, the comprehensive environment ensures one less transition between the middle school and high school experience. Students will build strong relationships with both the Honors Academy middle school and Honors Academy high school staff and students. Students continue their rigorous education on the Christiana Campus graduating through the Christiana High School Honors/ Dual- Enrollment program.


    • A unique block schedule allows students to take a broader sequence of courses each year.
    • Honors Academy students will pursue elective and extra-curricular activities along with all students.
    • The smaller learning community cohort group will challenge students to pursue excellence both in academic course work and leadership.
    • Honors Academy students will be recognized with distinction at graduation.


    Admission Requirements

    Christiana High School Honors Academy applications for the 2022-2023 school year coming soon.  Each student applying to the academy must complete the necessary requirements:

    • Complete all school application forms through the Christina School District choice process
    • Two online teacher recommendations 
    • Create and submit student response video  
    • Upload the most recent school report card


    Academic Overview

    Pre-College Honors Academy 6-10

    • Honors English Language Arts 6-10
    • Honors Science (6-10)
      • Middle School STEM
      • Agriculture Science
      • Health Science (pre-med CTE course)
      • AP Biology
    • Social Studies
      • AP Human Geography
      • AP US History
    • Advanced Math Courses:
      • Core Plus, Honors Integrated Math (IM) I, II, III, IV,
      • 6th-grade (Accelerated pace = 1 ½ years of material)
      • 7th-graders have the opportunity to take IM 1 (9th-grade math course)
      • 8th graders have the opportunity to take IM 2 (10th-grade math course)
    • Honors Pre-Calculus
    • AP Calculus
    • Performing Arts 6-8 
      • Band
      • Chorus
      • Orchestra 
    • World Language
      • 4 years of Spanish or French


    Grades 11 & 12 Dual Enrollment 

    • WU CTA 206 Computer Applications
    • WU ENG 121 English Composition I
    • WU ENG 122 English Composition II
    • WU HIS 204 World History
    • WU MAT 320 Finite Mathematics
    • WU MAT 330 Discrete Mathematics
    • WU SCI 310 Environmental Science
    • WU PHI 100 Intro. To Critical Thinking


    Optional Dual Enrollment Courses

    up to 7 additional courses x 3 units = 21 credits

    • UD AFNS 220 Introduction to Equine Science
    • UD ANFS 103 Leadership in Agriculture
    • UD APEC 100 Sustainable Development
    • UD ANFS 102 Food for Thought
    • WU ART 301 Drawing and Painting
    • WU HIS 204/ ART 230 History of Art and Design
    • WU MUS 101 Music Appreciation
    • WU BBM 102 Introduction to Business
    • WU BAC 101 Accounting I
    • WU BMK 305 Marketing I
    • WU CRJ 101 Survey of Criminal Justice
    • WU PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
    • WU SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
    • WU SCI 304 Astronomy
    • WU HLT 321 Personal Wellness

    Wilmington Courses/Descriptions

  • University Credits

    The Class of 2021 earned  a combined 672 University credits!

    The Class of 2020 earned  a combined 432 University credits!

    The Class of 2019 earned  a combined 419 University credits!

    Through dual enrollment and AP course offerings.