• Christiana High School Honors Academy

    Honors Academy and school choice for the 24-25 school year.

    A DE School choice application is required for ALL students in grades 6-8, and for any high school student who is not assigned to Christiana High School based on their address. Choice applications are available at 

    School choice closes on January 10th 2024

    The Honors Academy application includes: 

    • Two online teacher recommendations. Please forward teachers THIS LINK
    • Student response video
    • Upload educational documents (recent report card, attendance, and disciplinary records)
    • Performance Task




    On the application students will: 

    • Select a date for their in-person performance task
    • Acknowledge teacher recommendation requirement 
    • Submit educational documents
      • Most recent report card and/transcript
      • School discipline records or letter from current school regarding no incidents
    • Upload their response video
      • Video Directions
        In a brief, 90-second video, please respond to the following:

        - Introduce yourself
        - Why do you want to be a Middle School or High School Honors Academy Student?
        - Name a time you had to face adversity and how you handled it.
        - If you had to make that choice again, would you? Why or why not? - Anything else you want the application team to know

        All videos will be stopped at 90 seconds; any content past will not be viewed.

        Submissions may be uploaded to this form as a video file or shared via a URL such as YouTube.