• About School Choice

    School Choice is designed to increase access to educational opportunities for all children in the state, regardless of where they live. A parent/legal guardian residing within Delaware may apply to enroll their child in a public school in any school district, charter school, magnet school, or vocational-technical school, regardless of the student’s area of residence. Any student not currently registered in a public school in the State of Delaware must be registered in their school of residence before submitting a Delaware Standard Application for Educational Options (Choice application)

    Any parent/legal guardian choosing to send their child to a school other than their school of residence shall be responsible for transporting their child, without reimbursement, to/from the Choice school or the nearest regular bus stop serving the Choice school, if space is available. Please contact Transportation Services at 302-454-2281 to find the nearest choice bus stop location.

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  • Transportation FAQS

    Is there a bus available? 

    Students whose address assigns them to Christiana High School can be assigned to a school bus. Grades 6,7, and 8 ride a separate bus from grades 9-12.


    How do I know my assigned school? 

    Click here to look up your assigned school by home address


    Are there other transportation options?

    Yes, currently we offer hub stops at the locations listed below.

    • The Journey Church on Rt 4
    • Janmar Plaza on Old Baltimore Pike
    • Elizabeth Plaza on Rt. 40