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Amy Lowe Named CSD's 2024-2025 Behavioral Health Professional of the Year!

Amy Lowe Behavioral Health Profession of the Year with Dr. Aiken and Dr. Shelton from the Christina School District.

(Deputy Superintendent Dr. Deirdra Joyner, BHPOY Mrs. Amy Lowe, and Superintendent Dr. Dan Shelton. For additional photos, click here)


Amy Lowe, School Psychologist at Gauger-Cobbs Middle School, has been named Christina School District’s 2024 Behavioral Health Professional of the Year (BHPOY)! Known for her exceptional work ethic, Amy consistently exceeds expectations in her position. Her genuine compassion is evident as she places a high priority on the welfare of her students, their families, and fellow staff members. Through her kindness and support, Amy ensures that the mental health needs of her students are not only addressed but met with care and attention. Amy’s unwavering commitment to her work and the community sets her apart as an exceptional professional in the field of behavioral health.

The BHPOY Award is given to school employees who are health care practitioners or human service providers who offer services for improving an individual's mental health. School employees include school counselors, school social workers, licensed clinical social workers, school psychologists, and school nurses. Eligibility includes: at least three years experience as a behavioral health professional, certification, or licensure credential through the Department of Education and/or the Professional Regulation Board and must continue to serve in a behavioral health position for the award year.

Amy will represent Christina in the State of Delaware's Behavioral Health Professional of the Year Program, where only one person is chosen each year. Congratulations to Amy on receiving this prestigious honor, and a heartfelt congratulations to all of our nominated staff members.

  • Amber Schneider - School Counselor, Gauger-Cobbs MS
  • Amy Lowe - School Psychologist, Gauger-Cobbs MS
  • Andrew Feldmann - School Counselor, Gauger-Cobbs MS
  • Angel Boyce - School Nurse, Christiana HS
  • Ann Flocco Woodruff - School Counselor - Newark HS
  • Ann Hobbs - School Social Worker, Maclary ES
  • Brittany Hazlett - School Social Worker, Gallaher ES
  • Crystal Little - School Counselor, Middle School Honors Academy at CHS
  • Deborah DeLia - School Counselor, Oberle ES
  • Deborah Stephens - School Psychologist, Leasure ES
  • Denise Fuller - School Social Worker. Brennen School
  • Erin Fahnoe - School Counselor, Shue-Medill MS
  • Holden Ray - School Psychologist, McVey ES
  • Janelle Bradway - School Nurse, Christiana HS
  • Joy Allen-Coleman - School Nurse, Christiana HS
  • Kathryn "Katie" Bailey - School Counselor, Kirk MS
  • Kimberly Jackson - School Social Worker, Downes ES
  • Kimberly McQuillar - School Counselor, Jones ES
  • Kye Bryant - School Counselor, McVey ES
  • Laura Bubacz - School Nurse, Kirk MS
  • Lauren Bredickas - School Psychologist, Brennen School
  • Lauren DiCampli - School Counselor, Shue-Medill MS
  • Leah Oliver-Kuykendall - School Counselor, Wilson ES
  • Maggie Wilson - School Counselor, Gallaher ES
  • Mellanie Roscoe - School Psychologist, Brennen School
  • Naomi Boutros - School Counselor, Keene ES
  • Ozlem "Ozzie" Oguz - School Psychologist, REACH
  • Patricia Durbano - School Nurse, Wilson ES
  • Sharnell Davis - School Counselor, Leasure ES
  • Suzanne Simmers - School Counselor, Maclary ES
  • Tiffany Ford - School Nurse, West Park Place ES
  • Urmi "Bonnie Banerjee - School Social Worker, West Park Place ES