Family Testimonials

  • What have SPA families said about our program? The quotes below come from surveys, emails, and other correspondence we've received from our families.

    "I appreciate the help teachers give my daughter. She is getting a second chance to graduate and she is HAPPY to be at Sarah Pyle." Ms. Vazquez

    "My son is putting in more effort here (SPA) with school. The whole school experience and the staff... it is just good for him." Ms. Johnson

    "The staff and administration is attentive to my child's needs and address perceived issues expeditiously. The creative programing facilitates the successful acquisition of HS credits and builds confidence and responsibility." Ms. Barton

    "I see a change in my son, Thank you for helping me and motivating him." Ms. Cliett

    "What I appreciate the most is that the staff hasn't given up on my son. They have allowed him the space to grow, and supported his ability and he has shown growth." Ms. Nance

    "I appreciate everything SPA has done for my son. Thank God that this type of high school program even exists. I don't know where my son would be without SPA. Keep up the good work." Ms. Beith

    “My daughter is finally doing great since starting at Sarah Pyle! She has been motivated each day to do the best she can, Thank you Sarah Pyle!” Ms. Byers

    “Since Nia has been attending Sarah Pyle We have noticed she has been more willing to attend school. Nia has become more confident in herself, Nia has been a great impact in Nia’s Life.” Ms. Howard

    “Sarah Pyle is truly a great school. Helping students who have fallen behind with studies. I am happy my son is doing great. Thank you for helping my son.” Mr. Uppal

    “I highly appreciate the enthusiasm of the staff at Sarah Pyle in helping each student succeed academically and in life. I am very grateful for all their efforts. I am seeing my son being a lot more interested in achieving academic success more than any other time in his schooling.” Mrs. Kanda

    “I appreciate the time that your staff takes out for my daughter. I thank you for helping her, your effort, teaching her and for your support.” Ms. Brath